What is the difference between the Kahtoola Nanospikes vs Kahtoola microspikes?

What is the difference between the Kahtoola Nanospikes vs Kahtoola microspikes?

Kahtoola Microspikes vs Nanospikes

The Kahtoola Microspikes are award-winning products that are great for the trail, great for hiking. We can get a little bit more technical as well.

The Kahtoola Nanospikes are designed your icy runs on sidewalks during the winter, you’re walking your dog, you need a little bit more traction, this is really what these are for. They’re not nearly as aggressive as the Microspikes.

So the real difference between these is if you wanna go on the road, if you wanna do a little bit more casual, urban type exercise during the winter, where you’re gonna need a little bit additional traction, we definitely recommend the Nanospikesfor you.

Choose the Kahtoola Microspikes for hiking and for more stability!

And then, if you wanted to get a little bit more technical, go off the trail a little bit, the Kahtoola Microspikes are gonna be your best bet. The best part about the Microspikes is they’re really gonna stretch and conform to any type of shoe. I mean, this is a size medium right here and you could easily get your massive ski boot, your massive hiking boot into it. Obviously, we recommend you getting the pair that’s gonna best fit your shoe for you.

These are light enough that they are a great traction option to toss in your pack for winter multi-day trips.

Choose the Kahtoola Nanospikes for your city activities and for running!

The Kahtoola Nanospikes, these are just designed a little bit more for running, walking, so you’re gonna be really in a more athletic shoe versus this big honking boot. It’ll work, but I think you’re gonna have a better advantage with the running shoe. Nanospikes weigh about half as much as Microspikes and have much smaller traction points.

For the Nanospikes, they are built this in a way that’s gonna absorb as much shock as possible. There’s three layers here, holding this tungsten carbide spike in. So really that’s designed to absorb most of the shock. They are also built this TPU with the same material as the shoe itself so that helps absorb a lot of the pressure before it gets to the shoe. It’s a really comfortable piece of equipment that, really any runner from a 5k to a marathoner to ultra marathoner, it’s really gonna find very useful and most importantly, very comfortable. It’s a great piece of traction equipment.

These spikes underneath are built out of tungsten carbide. It’s about the same hardness level as a tyre spike that you would use on your car. And the elastomer is the same as this. So once we came out with this, we were like, we need to upgrade our Microspikes and we need to integrate this technology directly into here. 

Kahtoola Warranties

Kahtoola have great warranties on all of their products. T

he Nanospikes right now have a one year warranty, no questions asked. If it breaks, you just send it back and we’ll send you a new pair.

The Microspikes are upto two years. We’ve had people in Microspikes, the same pair of Microspikes for eight years. And they’re still clocking plenty of miles on them.