Running with Kahtoola nanospikes crampons

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Running with Kahtoola nanospikes crampons

I am getting used to cold weather and snow. I trained out in the cold, the worst was Thursday, however the routine is installing itself. Today, I went running for 2 hours with my Kahtoola nanospikes Footwear Traction. I did a 30-minute warm up, 60-minute at a brisk pace and 30 minutes back to a state of calm.

I spend a few more minutes warming up because in cold weather, we must let the temperature of our body increase before embarking on a more intensive training. The muscles, ligaments and tendons take a little longer to warm up.

Oh yes, you read well, I wrote an "intensive training". It is possible to perform intervals in the winter. I did it last year every Tuesday and Thursday with my group. I did a few today too, the proof is in the photo. I looked at the picture and my technique isn’t perfect. I have a few issues. I will pay closer attention during my training tomorrow morning. If I can go out tomorrow morning that is, seeing as they’re announce about 15 cm of snow.

In cold weather, I put diachylon on my nipples for extra protection. Since I live in Quebec, it's Canadian Tire hockey tape. I avoid irritation and it's much cheaper. I don’t think the Europeans will understand this one.

Equipment is also different in the winter. I like to run with Kahtoola nanospikes crampons.

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When the temperature is a little lenient, around -5C °, it’s possible to perform workouts that will solicit 85% or more of our maximum heart rate (HR). At this temperature, there is no risk of freezing the lungs. The problem in winter is with adhesion. The feet don’t stick well on the roads and we can fall much more easily. In these conditions, I am looking for a an area free of snow for running.

Last year, I had a long outing planned in my training program. A storm had raged overnight. In the morning, the snow had buried the entire city. I searched for an open area where I could do my 2h30 training. I found a shopping center parking lot. For 2h30, I ran in this parking which was well maintained. The improvised course was 660 meters and I circled around like a gerbil. This is good mental preparation. My colleagues in the office were in shock when I told them about this parking lot workout.Since, I have been labelled the crazy runner.