How to choose the perfect crampons?

How to choose the perfect crampons?

In the winter hiking models category, some are more suitable for running and others for walking. The same applies to the type of terrain: ice, hardened snow, with or without slope? Oh, surprise! Some models are literally all-purpose, not excelling in anything but doing well everywhere.

Other factors to consider when buying a cleat:

Hillsound Footwear TractionThe ease of setting up and holding the harness on the shoe, aspects that become important during cold temperatures, because these make the elastomeric materials... less elastic. The harness should be of the right size to avoid uncomfortable pressure points and to ensure a firm hold so that the cleat does not come off from the shoe in steep climbs or when the foot sinks into the snow. Bringing your shoes to the store is therefore a must.

Crampons Sustainability is another factor to take into account.

It is important to consider a model offering a quality that meets our expectations. Some economic cleats last only one season (or even less) while others are guaranteed for two years and promise several years of good, loyal service.

Finally, lightness (especially for the race) and compactness, in anticipation of facilitate transport in the backpack, are criteria to keep in mind.